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Our group of men have one purpose - to be better men by following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we grow, we want to be mentors to the younger generation - encouraging them to believe not only in the goodness of the Lord, but also the goodness in themselves.

Children's Church

It's a lovely sight to see young children so excited to venture off to learn more about the Lord. Your children are in safe and capable hands of a staff of loving and caring individuals. Activities include learning Bible verses, singing songs, drawing and participating in church events - with the main understanding that developing a relationship with the Lord can start at any age.

Culinary Ministry

Our Culinary ministry is essential. They are prepared during the good times as well as the sad times. This is a service-oriented ministry that provides not only physical nourishment, but spiritual nourishment as well - serving those with the spirit of a Christian servant.


Our deacons are faithful servants who are ordained to serve. They are faithful in supporting the pastoral staff and the other ministries, and are relevant for the growth of the church by developing meaningful and thoughtful relationships with our members. Our deacons are here for you in the good times and the bad.


Our deaconesses are the wives of the present and former deacons. These women support their husbands in the work of the church. They are diligent in promoting guidance from assisting during baptism and preparing and caring for the elements of the Lord's Supper.


There are a lot of stories about the greatness of the Lord that can be told through drama. We encourage everyone to be a part of our productions - young and mature. What a great time for all.


We are blessed to have a wonderful group of members who work in coordination with the Trustees to assume responsibility for the finances of the congregation. They work diligently in monitoring the church budget through financial recording and reporting.


Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers are beautiful expression of care when celebrating the beginning of a life, the ending of a life - and everything in between.

Food Bank

For the past 18 years, the Food Bank has been a staple of the church and community. We meet the needs of those in need and by doing so - show the love of Jesus Christ. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Food Bank adjusted to the influx of people who needed assistance. We are thankful that the Lord has blessed us to help others - and we will continue to do so.


Our Health Ministry is led by our registered nurse who has skills and resources to support the church. This ministry has a vital role in attending to the health and wellbeing of our church members and is part of the committee preparing for reopening after the threat of COVID-19 pandemic has diminished.

Helping Hands Store

The Helping Hands Store is a great addition to the church and allows us to show our love for the Lord by helping others. We receive merchandise from a variety of donations and we are not ashamed to be very selective in what we choose to sell in the store. All proceeds from the sale of items goes towards helping people who may need a little financial assistance.


Our Sound Ministry ensures that church members and visitors have the best worship experience possible by maintaining up-to-date audio, video and computer equipment. Our Sound Ministry records all Sunday services, which are available on You Tube. They are an essential part of the church and its mission - reaching those in need.


All Christians are called to be missionaries of the Gospel - and our church missionaries do just that - every chance they get. Their focus is on reaching as many people as they can spiritually by spreading the Gospel and physically through their visits. They exemplify what the Prophet Isaiah wrote in response to the Lord when He asked -"Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?" Then I said, "Here am I. Send me!"


Our Music Ministry is awesome. Through music, they share their talents to the glory of God and Jesus Christ. You not only hear the music, but you feel the music. Their purpose is not only to share the Gospel through song, but to also share their gifts in a way that will encourage others to become part of the worship service.

New Membership

It can be a little scary joining a new church, so we created this ministry to put you and your family at ease as you learn more about MZBC. We are enthusiastic and so glad that you have chosen MZBC and we want to provide you with all the assistance you need during this transition. Every church is not the same, so we want to let you know what we're all about.

Pastor Aide

This committee is comprised of several caring individuals who support the pastor and his family as well as the pastoral staff. We appreciate the care these individuals express in recognizing the Pastor's anniversary, Pastor's Appreciation Day and other events.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

We recognize the power of education - especially now - and are committed to helping those who strive for higher education. We know that education is expensive and we want to be a part of your academic achievements.


"Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood." Acts 20:28.

Yes, God will take care of us, but He also wants us to be prepared. With the gift of freedom to make our own choices, some people make the wrong choices, and it's important that during a time of crisis, the church is prepared. We are grateful to have a Security staff who are trained, prepared and ready to assist us if we so need it.

Sunday School

How can we continue to grow and become better Christians? If we do not learn - we will not grow. Our Sunday School teachers are committed individuals who love teaching about the Lord. Our Sunday School is one of the major functions of Christian education and development for all ages - and its purpose is achieved through the efficiency and willingness of volunteers who understand and believe in its purpose.


We're here to help and if helping means providing you a ride - then that's what our Transportation Ministry is all about. We will provide transportation to and from Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship Service, mid-week Bible Studies and other church-related events.


The Trustee Ministry manages and oversees the financial matters of the church to include physical property, financial obligations and all other assets. They work very closely with the Finance Ministry and provide all services with sensitivity.


Our ushers are such a vital part of our church - and represent the church in a very visible way. This group of committed individuals help establish the tone in preparation for the worship service as well as assist with the smooth operation within the service.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Who thinks "school" is a bad word? You must not have attended one of MZ's Vacation Bible Schools. We have a wonderful time. Even though a lot of our young members attend VBS, this is an outreach ministry meant to bring in children who may not normally attend a church and teach them about the gospel. Our VBS is led by a group of talented and loving members - all ready to have a good time teaching, and even learning more, about the Lord.

Young Women Adult (YWA)

Our YWA ministry provides young women an opportunity to learn and work alongside older women of the church. It allows them to see firsthand the bonds that can be developed when you read together, pray together and work together.


Our thoughtful and loving youth leaders provide guidance and structure for our youth - ranging in age from two to 16. We offer opportunities for Christian development through Children's Church, Children's Choir, retreats, as well as through the State Youth Congress.